Hip Precautions

  • Anterolateral THR avoid:
    • Hip external rotation
    • Hip adduction
    • Hip extension
  • Posterolateral THR avoid:
    • Flexion >60-90 degrees; “knee above hip”
    • Internal rotation of leg
    • Adduction of leg
    • Avoid excess trunk flexion

Spinal Precautions

  • No Bending forward farther than 90 degrees hip flex
  • No Twisting of the spine
  • No Lifting greater than 5-10lbs (weight restriction is dependent on MD and procedure/ injury)

Sternal/ Cardiac Precautions

  • Do not push or pull with your arms.
  • Hug a pillow or teddy bear when getting in/out of bed or up/down from a chair.
  • Do not raise your elbows higher than your shoulders.
  • Brace your chest when coughing or sneezing. Huff instead of coughing if you can.
  • No lifting objects greater than 5 to 10 pounds or as instructed by your doctor.
  • Do not reach to the side or back.
  • Avoid twisting or deep bending.
  • Do not hold your breath during activity; counting out loud or talking will help.
  • Ask clearance from your doctor before driving.
    • Pacemaker Precautions are sternal precautions on the left side of their body.

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