Kinesiology Taping

**As with any modality or specialty intervention, you should always seek training and continuing education before using the approach on a patient**

**Always skin test tape on a patients’ skin to assess skin sensitivity to the tape and allergic reactions**

Anchors are VITAL to kinesiology taping.  With each kinesiology tape application the ends (1″-2″ on each end of the cuts) should have no tension when applied to the skin to prevent shearing forces that may result in blisters or sores in people with fragile skin or when taping is used over longer time-span. The tape has 10-15% tension on the paper, so it must be removed from the paper to remove all tension.

Preparation for Tape Application:
(1) Educate the patient on indications, contraindications, when to remove it, and inform them on how the tape works–the tape is heat activated, so tell them not to take hot showers with the tape on, avoid heating agents directly over the tape, and avoid extremely hot temperatures in their environmentClean the skinDry the Skin
(2) Clean the Skin
(3) Dry the Skin

There are 4 strategies with kinesiology taping:
(1) Mechanical (75-100%)– this is better served with other types of tape than kinesiology tape; taping a joint/ muscle into a certain position
(2) Facilitory (50-75% tape tension)– facilitating muscle contraction/ supporting a joint/ muscle; tape origin to insertion
(3) Inhibitory (15-30% tape tension)– inhibits muscle contraction; when you want a specific muscle or muscle group to stop firing; useful in neuro re-education or muscle spasms; tape insertion to origin
(4) Swelling/ Bruising Mgmt (10-15% tape tension)– changes the tension provided via the skin on subdermal structures; opens pathways for lymph drainage after an acute injury or with lymphedema (not to be used with compression as they contradict each other); increases circulation in region directly under the skin where the tape has been applied

Types of Tape Cuts:
(1) I strip
(2) Y strip
(3) X strips
(4) Fan Cut

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