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Tommie Copper is a line of garments intended to provide compression and the healing properties of copper for people with various ailments. It has been featured on the Montel Williams television show, and athletes and Olympians have claimed to experience performance-enhancing effects. The garments are available in ankle compression sleeves, calf compression sleeves, elbow compression sleeves, knee compression sleeves, under shorts, compression shorts, compression shirts, fingerless compression gloves, and full finger compression gloves. The Tommie Copper company claims that this line of merchandise helps with pain from damage to joints, such as injury or arthritis.

Research on effects of compression:

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Compression garments can help stabilize muscle tissue to help manage swelling in muscle fibers. Oxygen-rich blood flow increases within muscle with the help of compression garments. By reducing venous and lymphatic return to the heart and upper body, the recovery process for muscle injury or damage is maintained or may even speed up.

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Compression garments have been found beneficial in treating burn injuries with hypertrophic scarring, preventing deep vein thrombosis, healing venous stasis ulcers, treating varicose veins, and with treating lymphedema.

Research on effects of copper:

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Copper is required for bone, connective tissue, brain, and heart growth and development. It helps produce cellular energy and regulates nerve transmission, blood coagulation, and oxygen transportation through synthesis and release of certain proteins and enzymes.   Copper also helps to stimulate the body’s immune system for fighting infections, repairing tissues, and promoting healing. It helps to neutralize free radicals that can cause damage to cells within the body.

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Copper is needed for optimal human health since the human body cannot make copper, it must be obtained from external sources. Copper assists with growth, development, and maintenance of bones tissues, and organs. Copper is also used by the human body for formation of red blood cells, and for the absorption and utilization of iron.

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